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Whether a construction or utility truck, big rig or delivery vehicle, truck drivers have come to expect a high level of cab comfort in their vehicles -- especially when the space must serve as transportation, an office, or even living quarters. Storage drawers and pullout work surfaces are just the start of where Accuride heavy duty ball bearing slide products maximize limited space.

Just Some of the Areas Where You Can Use Accuride Movement Solutions:

Exterior Equipment Trays

Exterior Equipment Trays


Interior Toolbox Storage

Interior Toolbox Storage


Battery carriers

Battery carriers


Vertical Pullouts

Vertical Pullouts


Bulkhead Doors

Bulkhead Doors


In addition, Accuride offers light-, medium-, and heavy-duty movement solutions with:

  • Lock-In & Lock-Out
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Access Control
  • Touch-Release
  • Self-Close
  • And More

See our downloadable Mobile Solutions Guide to see Accuride products suited for vehicular applications.


Accuride has been a trusted manufacturing partner for over 50 years. The benefits of working with Accuride for your movement systems include:

Low Lead Times

Lightweight Materials

Space-saving Efficiency

Global reach

In-house Design

Rapid Prototyping

Contact OEM Direct for OEM inquiries, including details on special testing for motion & vibration endurance.

Truck bed with drawer slides

Heavy-Duty Movement Built to Last

Every time we include photos of this client's work, people ask where to get these products. These rugged drawer units made by Emberton's Machine and Tool are used for bolt bins, hydraulic tanks, parts washers, tool trays, waste tanks, and more. They are made from galvanized steel and powder-coated in a range of colors.

The drawers and pullout units are mounted on Accuride models 3607 (with a lock out), 3600, and for smaller drawers, 6" and 8" 3832s (doubled up for extra strength). Emberton's units are sold to manufacturers that build heavy-duty service trucks for utility companies and municipalities. And, Emberton's products need to hold up to some serious abuse; their trucks bounce over rough roads, and encounter years of daily use and abuse when heavy tools are tossed into drawers that are slammed closed.

Randy Emberton chose Accuride products because he likes quality. "I know if there is ever a problem, I can get replacement slides -- no questions asked!" he says. Accuride worked with the company to make a slight alteration at Randy's request that enabled them to cut slide installation time by 50%.

The Emberton units are so strong, that some of Randy's clients re-use the toolboxes. After the vehicles have worn out, the toolboxes are removed, cleand up, and put onto a new truck chassis. Now that's a rugged product! You can see Emberton's full line of services and products at

Heavy-Duty Slides for Broadcast Vans

Polish flight case manufacturer Barczak Cases has completed a complex and highly technical fit out of an outside broadcast van for a client who provides TV services.

Barczak developed a custom system of drawers, shelves, and racks to secure this specialized equipment during transport. The vans are used as production suites, so the equipment also needs to be easily accessible.

Drawers are mounted on Accuride's heavy-duty 9301 slides and fitted with the CBHand Locking Handle Kit to ensure the drawers remain closed securely during transport and also locked into a stable when open for use during production. The combination of the 9301 full extension slides and the locking handle kit makes an ideal partnership for this type of mobile application.

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